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Lotus Notes & Domino
Lotus Notes & Domino permit an organization to access authorized data from anywhere.  From home, hotels, airports, internet cafe's, and PDA's.  You can access your business data securely no matter where you are.
Domino innovation ports every document to the web instantaneously so you can work in real time with your whole organization with only a computer and an internet connection.
The use of laptops PDA's and cell phones permits you to carry your data with you wherever you go. 
Replication allows the synchronization of your data with the organization upon connection to your network or the Internet. In this way, you can be detached from the office by yet, still never miss a beat.

Key Benefits
Notes is designed to be reliable, secure, and manageable
Provides integrated support for all major industry security standards
Provides 24x7 productivity with email, calendars, customer directories
Offers a successful record of strong integration with the Microsoft Office
  Document Library
Access data with supported PDA’s, pagers, and cell phones
Worldwide access including roaming access, remote access, and global
  access through a simple Internet connection.
Ensures confidentiality of content, authentication of users and integrity
  of data
Enables suppliers, partners, customers, and employees to collaborate
  more effectively. Brings people and knowledge into e-business

The Microsoft Office Document Library
The Microsoft Office Document Library turns Lotus Notes into a document management system designed specifically for Microsoft Office. It’s an application template that lets you create, store, and organize documents. The central framework for the Office Document Library is Microsoft’s Active Doc (Active Document) technology. Through its support for this standard, Notes merges seamlessly with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint so that the host and embedded applications work together as one.

The Office Document Library is particularly helpful for producing anything that requires the collaborative effort of many people, such as project specifications or RFPs (Requests for Proposal). Departments or project teams can use it to manage their collective output and make that information easily accessible to all their members.

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